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PODCAST: Columbia Super discusses guns in schools

It’s an option now, but don’t expect teachers to carry guns in Columbia Public School buildings. State legislators last week put into law the option for school employees to have a gun in the classroom, if they go through special training.

Each school board gets to decide on granting that authority, though, then the superintendent has the sole power to make the hire. Columbia Superintendent Peter Stiepleman says on The Gary Nolan Show he doesn’t plan to give instructors that power.

“What I am uncomfortable with is asking teachers to expand their role from teaching to also safeguarding with an armed gun,” Dr. Stiepleman says.

Doctor Stiepleman says he does support arming the district’s safety and security directors, who are ex-cops. The board narrowly voted against doing that last year.

“My perspective right now is I’d rather have police have guns, and I’d rather have our safety and security be the ones who are armed, and not put the burdens on a teacher,” Stiepleman says.



Columbia Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Peter Stiepleman will have the final say on whether or not guns will be allowed in Columbia’s schools. He joined Gary Nolan Tuesday morning to discuss the possibility and the new law that makes it possible.

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