Advocate speaks against death penalty

Kevin Green says we’re better off locking up the bad guys for life and throwing away the key.

Green spent 16 years in California prisons before he was exonerated in the death of his unborn daughter and the near fatal beating of his pregnant wife.

He’s an outspoken death penalty opponent.

“You’re going to go to this place and never getting out, so maybe kids coming up don’t think it’s a video game.”

Green contends that life without parole is a much worse fate than execution. He speaks nationwide on behalf of the Innocence Project.

Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe, speaking on our sister station KWOS, agreed with Gov. Parson’s decision to deny clemency to Russell Bucklew before Tuesday night’s execution.

“There’s been plenty of opportunities for people to provide evidence to the contrary, and it hasn’t been able to come forward,” Kehoe said this week. “We believe in a system that is run by a jury of our peers, and that’s where Mr. Bucklew stands.”

(This story was last updated at 5:58 a.m. Wednesday.)

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