(AUDIO) 50th Dist. Missouri House candidates forum

Candidates for the 50th Dist. Missouri House, Republican Sara Walsh and Democrat Michela Skelton, joined Wake Up Columbia for a forum on Wednesday morning. They are looking to fill the seat left open by Caleb Jones when he joined Gov. Greitens’ staff. The election is August 8.

The full forum:


  1. Walsh: I grew up poor so it’ll be ok for me to tighten the screws on poor people. Also, I had flags in my crib, next to velvet paintings of Ronald Regan vote for me! Also, immigrants! Watch out for that or something. Less government equals more jobs somehow, though there is nothing to back it up, drink deep of mine Kool-aide.

    I mean seriously, I’m no Democrat or anything, but Walsh is blatantly unprepared for governing in any way shape or form.

  2. Skelton is clearly the better candidate here. I appreciate her actually answering questions thoughtfully rather than avoiding answers or regurgitating the party line. Smearing the other candidate and calling them an extremist isn’t necessary when your platform and ideas align with what people in the 50th actually need.

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