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939 the Eagle's "CEO Roundtable" is hosted by Fred Parry and airs every Saturday morning from 7-8 (graphic courtesy of Zimmer Communications)

(AUDIO): Columbia-based Peak Sport and Spine co-founders Phillip Smith and Mark Dempsey appear on 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Roundtable”

Missouri’s largest privately-owned outpatient physical therapy company continues to grow. Columbia-based Peak Sport and Spine now has more than 45 offices across the state, as well as facilities in numerous other states. Company founder Phillip Smith says Peak Sport and Spine gets bigger, better and stronger each year. They now have more than 700 employees. That includes employees in Missouri and in eight other states. Mr. Smith grew up in west-central Missouri’s Marshall. He and co-founder Mark Dempsey joined host Fred Parry in-studio for the hour Saturday morning on 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Roundtable.” They were also joined by Brian Smith, who serves as chief executive officer of their Kansas City-based sister company PT Partners. One of the biggest things they discussed is access:

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