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A Columbia trash truck prepares to pick up trash in 2021 (file photo courtesy of Columbia Utilities spokesman Matt Nestor)

(AUDIO): Columbia city councilwoman Betsy Peters discusses roll cart vote on 939 the Eagle’s “Wake Up Columbia”

Columbia’s city council voted 4-3 Monday evening to repeal the city’s ban on roll carts. The council approved the proposal from fifth ward councilman Matt Pitzer after hearing testimony from residents on both sides of the issue. Sixth ward councilwoman Betsy Peters voted with Pitzer, saying it gives the city the opportunity to look at all options. Peters joined us live on 939 the Eagle’s “Wake Up Columbia,” telling listeners that the city spends $1.5 million on trash bags. She says if the city decides to proceed with roll carts, she doesn’t believe citizens will be the ones who have to buy one:

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