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A Columbia Police Department vehicle on patrol (undated photo courtesy of CPD Facebook page)

(AUDIO): Columbia Police Officers Association (CPOA) president Matt Nichols previews tonight’s city council meeting on “Wake Up Mid-Missouri”

The Columbia Police Officers Association (CPOA) is asking residents to attend tonight’s city council meeting to support law enforcement. Attorney Donald Weaver will address the council tonight and is expected to call on them to support law enforcement. The CPOA says criminals in Columbia have become more emboldened, noting a suspect recently allegedly tried to rape women on the MKT trail in broad daylight. The CPOA also says “pedestrians downtown and elsewhere can routinely be seen harassing others, littering and even defecating on the streets and sidewalks.” CPOA President Matt Nichols joined us live on “Wake Up Mid-Missouri”, and praises police chief Geoff Jones and city manager De’Carlon Seewood. He’s critical of the council vote on FUSUS and blasts what he describes as “crazy activists” who speak at council meetings, saying they bully the council:

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