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Columbia's ARC is located on West Ash (file photo courtesy of Columbia ARC website)

(AUDIO): publisher Mike Murphy discusses ARC safety on “Wake Up Mid-Missouri”

A Columbia woman charged with pistol-whipping a male juvenile and knocking his teeth out during last Sunday’s chaotic incident at the ARC remains jailed without bond today. She is 37-year-old Lakeisha Thomas, who’s scheduled to be back in court tomorrow afternoon. publisher Mike Murphy joined us live this morning on 939 the Eagle’s “Wake Up Mid-Missouri”, noting that grandmother Demetria Ayers warned Columbia’s city council about “gang-like activity” at Columbia’s ARC during a March 20 council meeting. Murphy quotes Ayers as telling the council that evening ARC staff do not feel safe and that her grandchildren were being bullied and harassed there. Ms. Ayers told the council that night that a juvenile threatened to shoot her in the face:

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