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939 the Eagle's "CEO Roundtable" is hosted by Fred Parry and airs every Saturday morning from 7-8 (graphic courtesy of Zimmer Communications)

(AUDIO): publisher Mike Murphy previews November election on 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Round Table”

Boone County’s clerk is projecting a 65 percent voter turnout for the November 8 general election. While that number seems high to publisher Mike Murphy, he believes no-excuse absentee voting is causing some of the increased interest. Mr. Murphy joined host Fred Parry in-studio for the hour Saturday morning on 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Round Table,” telling listeners that Republicans benefit from a higher voter turnout in Boone County. Murphy also breaks down numerous races, including the high-profile presiding commissioner race between Democrat Kip Kendrick and Republican Connie Leipard:

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