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Dustin Stanton Mark Zuckerberg
Courtesy: Dustin Stanton's Facebook page

(AUDIO) Dustin Stanton on Mark Zuckerberg visit

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg visited Stanton Farms near Centralia over the weekend.

Dustin Stanton says a member of the Facebook founder’s staff saw an article about the growing egg company, and reached out.

“Mark has spent this year touring the country and seeing how we think out in these flyover states, and so when they got a hold of the article they really wanted to come visit the farm.”

Stanton says he talked business with Zuckerberg, but also foreign policy and social issues.

The Wake Up Columbia interview with Dustin Stanton:

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  1. I find it odd that Mr. Zuckerberg feels the need to find out how people in the flyover states think. Is he unaware that many who live here are transplants? I am from New York. My husband is from New Jersey. We think the same way in Missouri as we did back east. I find his quest mildly offensive.

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