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(AUDIO) Gov. Mike Parson on legislative session

Gov. Mike Parson says workforce development and infrastructure are his top priorities for the 2019 Missouri legislative session that starts Wednesday.

Wake Up Columbia spoke with the governor on Tuesday ahead of his first full session in the office:

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  1. Parson couldn’t be more wrong..Prop. 1 deals with ethics reform, something this state has needed for some time now. Why wouldn’t anyone be in favor of this after the mess we just came threw with Machine Gun Greitens? He states that these state law makers need to go home and listen to their constituents? No joke..since it was voted on by their constituents. But he feels he knows better and what is right for the people of Missouri. I ran in a Northern district of the state and the reason why we needed CLEAN was because my home town of 2300 people has 3 state representatives! This is not good sound government. This is a coup and it is not only happening in Missouri, its happening in Michigan, Wisconsin and North Carolina. The people of this state that worked hard on all of these ballot initiatives will not stand idle on Parson’s take over, that much I can tell you. Mitch Wrenn

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