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Columbia's Senior Center is located on the Business Loop (2023 photo courtesy of the Senior Center's Robert Forsee)

(AUDIO): Mid-Missourian veterans planning Columbia gathering next week to combat loneliness

Columbia’s Senior Center is located on the Business Loop (2023 photo courtesy of the Senior Center’s Robert Forsee)

A third-generation veteran from Columbia says loneliness is an issue for many mid-Missouri veterans.

Retired U.S. Navy veteran Sandra Rushing is organizing a meet-and-greet for area veterans on Tuesday morning at Columbia’s Senior Center, which is on the Business Loop. The Texas native tells 939 the Eagle that fellowship is important for veterans.

“The idea behind this is a socialization for veterans to meet veterans in our area. Because there’s so many veterans out there that are lonely, and loneliness is a big aspect among veterans,” Rushing says.

Tuesday’s event is from 10:45 until noon and includes an optional $6 lunch. Ms. Rushing says spouses are also welcome.

“When you go to the VA everybody is centered around medical care. And a lot of veterans do not feel comfortable opening up at the VA, because they feel more comfortable in a more relaxed setting,” says Rushing.

Anyone who’s interested can call Columbia’s Senior Center at (573) 874-2050 or Ms. Rushing, who can be reached at (660) 631-0151. Ms. Rushing wants to see how the turnout is, but indicates they’d like to do this again in the future.

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