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(AUDIO) Missouri Corrections whistleblower John Griggs

A whistleblower at the Missouri Department of Corrections says lawmakers are not doing enough to find out the truth.

Former employee John Griggs says he saw co-workers and supervisors harassing colleagues, colluding with inmates on drug deals, and covering up other crimes.

“They’re just going to have to absolutely clean house, and get rid of so many of these staff commanders that have engaged in this type of thing.”

Griggs says he found morphine pills on two inmates once, but a supervisor told him to give the drugs back and mark the prisoners up for a lesser charge. The state has settled millions of dollars in lawsuits the last few years from corrections employees.

Listen to our Wake Up Columbia chat:


  1. Coming from a CO who planted evidence on inmates to make himself look like a super CO. This dude was absolutely rotten to inmates. He planted drugs on them and even planted schematics of bombs on inmates to make himself appear better than the subpar Corrections Officer he was. I personally worked with this guy and was scared for mine and my fellow officers safety when this guy was around. Just remember the only whistling blowing this guy did was to toot his own horn at others expense.

  2. Griggs was a fine officer. I hate that so many of my co workers have jumped on the bandwagon by siding with management to hurt his credibility. Griggs exposing the blatant corruption has ruffled many feathers.
    Stand strong Officer Griggs!
    We are with you!#BlueLivesMatter.

  3. Officer Jon Griggs was not a corrupt Corrections Officer. He did not plant drugs on imates. This was a good CO and good at finding contraband and doing his job. He had our back and so many will turn there backs on one of us because they are afraid of administration and there puppets. This is the problem we do not stick together for what is right anymore and support what is right in fear of retaliation.

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