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Saturday morning's Boone County fair ham breakfast had numerous sponsors (July 22, 2023 photo from 939 the Eagle's Brian Hauswirth)

(AUDIO): Missouri lawmakers on both sides of aisle praise Boone County fair’s ham breakfast

Columbia’s Just Jeff’s catered Saturday morning’s Boone County Fair ham breakfast (July 22, 2023 photo from 939 the Eagle’s Brian Hauswirth)

More than 200 people packed the Boone County Fairgrounds’ coliseum in Columbia for Saturday morning’s ham breakfast. Just Jeff’s catered the fair breakfast, which included scrambled eggs, Boone County country ham, biscuits and gravy and fruit.

Boone County Presiding Commissioner Kip Kendrick says the breakfast is a wonderful event each and every year.

“It’s nice to be able to see the state investment coming from FY ’24 to the (Columbia) Parks and Recreation on further development out here. I know Columbia Parks and Recreation has some plans for additional build out here, and it’s just wonderful to see the upkeep and further expansion of the fairgrounds,” Kendrick says.

Commissioner Kendrick tells 939 the Eagle that having the fair back in Columbia is critical. He emphasizes that the fair also reminds us of the importance of agriculture in our lives.

Numerous Missouri lawmakers from both parties attended the breakfast, including State Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch (R-Hallsville) and State Reps. Kathy Steinhoff, David Tyson Smith and Adrian Plank (all D-Columbia). Representatives Steinhoff tells 939 the Eagle that she was excited and grateful to be there.

“Well I think it’s becoming even more important as we see a society of our youth that is turning to things like video games and things that are not getting them outside. So it’s exciting to come here and celebrate so many youth in Boone County that are participating in things outside and dealing with animals,” says Steinhoff.

Representative Plank serves on the Missouri House Agriculture Policy Committee and says the Boone County Fair’s ham breakfast provides great fellowship. He was born in Huntsville, a small town in Randolph County that’s west of Moberly.

“Now with great fellowship comes the farming community, and as a Democrat from a small town I can appreciate that collaboration. And so this is all about collaboration and relating to all the people that are like-minded and that have their differences. And so I think that’s important when it comes to these types of gatherings,” Representative Plank says.

State Representative David Tyson Smith (D-Columbia), who represents the Boone County fairgrounds property on Oakland Gravel, was at the fair earlier in the week for a goat show. He spoke to 939 the Eagle News, as he waited in line for Saturday morning’s popular breakfast.

“I’m excited that so many people are so involved in their community and their county, and they want to come out and do this. It’s a great community event. People are friendly. I can smell the food and I know it’s going to be good. My goal is not to eat too much, right,” says Tyson Smith.

Just Jeff’s owner Jeff Spencer tells 939 the Eagle that he and his crew members arrived at the fairgrounds Saturday morning at 4 to begin cooking. Breakfast was served at 8, and audience members gave Just Jeff’s a loud ovation for the breakfast.

The Boone County fair wrapped up Saturday evening.

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