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(AUDIO) MSHP reports more speeders despite fewer cars on road

The Highway Patrol says, even though the total number of vehicles on the road is down, there are more vehicles that are speeding.

MSHP says it set up a speed monitor on southbound Highway 63 south of Ashland from Apr. 3-23. The trailer reported 71,714 vehicles. That’s down nearly 20% in terms of vehicles on that same stretch of road from Apr. 4-24 of 2019 (89,288).

“I think it’s a couple different things. We have less vehicles out there on the roadways, so you don’t have as much congestion, so they do see the open road and they go a little bit faster,” MSHP Sgt. Scott White says. “And I think there’s the misconception out there that ‘Well, the cops aren’t going to stop me because they don’t want to risk getting the virus or they just don’t want to hassle with it.’ Which isn’t true.”

Fatalities are also up so far this year more than two percent. In MoDot’s central district, the deaths are up more than 17%.

Sgt. Scott White broke down the numbers on Wake Up Columbia on Tuesday:


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