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This is one of the 14 patients moved from Women's and Children's Hospital on Keene in Columbia to University Hospital on November 16, 2021 (photo courtesy of MU Health Care)

(AUDIO): MU Health’s Christina Hoff Vollrath appears on “CEO Round Table” to discuss pediatric emergency services move

MU Health Care staff moved 14 patients and their families from Women’s and Children’s on Keene to University Hospital last week, the first step in creating a centralized hospital campus. The relocation of pediatric emergency services took seven hours. Pediatric emergency services and the pediatric inpatient unit have moved to University Hospital. MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital executive director Christina Hoff Vollrath spoke on 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Round Table” on Saturday, to discuss the issue in-detail. Host Fred Parry also asked Christina about what the change means to patients who plan to use Women’s and Children’s:

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