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939 the Eagle's "CEO Roundtable" is hosted by Fred Parry and airs every Saturday morning from 7-8 (graphic courtesy of Zimmer Communications)

(AUDIO): New Columbia Welcome Inn co-owner Kel Beal appears on 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Roundtable”

Columbia’s Welcome Inn had fallen into disrepair in recent years, and Columbia Police were frequently at the property, which is at Providence and I-70. You can see the facility from the interstate. New Welcome Inn co-owner Kel Beal says he has a passion for ministry and for real estate, and tells 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Roundtable” that this project combines both. He’s focusing first on improving the 80-thousand square foot facility, which has 142 units. The units have all received a fresh coat of paint. Mr. Beal, who’s been involved in Columbia’s Affordable Housing Coalition, says the bar for entry into the Welcome Inn is lower than anywhere else, and he emphasizes he wants to keep it that way. He joined 939 the Eagle’s Fred Parry in-studio for the hour Saturday morning. Mr. Parry and Mr. Beal also reminiscence about the facility, which at one time was known as the “Holidome.” It was one of Columbia’s nicest hotels through the mid-1990’s, featuring guest speakers like NBC’s Dick Enberg. It had a popular pool and a miniature golf course as well:

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