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(AUDIO) Parry on proposed wind farm near Harrisburg

An international company held an open house in Harrisburg this week.

Officials for E. On made the case for a wind farm spread over thousands of acres in northwest Boone County.

Commissioner Fred Parry says it’s a debate of economic development versus quality of life.

“This is emotional right now, because there’s so many unknowns, and I think that people are very worried about their family farm or what’s going to happen.”

The county would have to change the zoning in that area to allow for the large wind turbines.

“If you are someone that believes in alternative energy, if you believe in sustainability, these wind farms have to be built somewhere,” Parry says. “I don’t know. Public opinion is going to weigh very heavily on our decision.”

Parry says landowners would get $10,000-$15,000 a year for each 500-foot turbine placed on their property.

The Wake Up Columbia interview with Parry is below. He is publisher emeritus for Inside Columbia, which is owned by Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group.

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