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(AUDIO) Pres. Choi on Mizzou return-to-campus plan

Mizzou students will be wearing masks in classrooms and instructors will have on face shields when the fall semester starts during the coronavirus pandemic.

UM system president and interim Mizzou chancellor Mun Choi says it has been a mostly positive response from families about a mask requirement meant to keep students and staff safe.

“This is a new reality that we’re going to be facing, at least until the vaccine is developed,” Dr. Choi says. “So far, not too many complaints which is a good thing.”

Choi says there is no “tipping point” that could lead Mizzou to shut down campus again this fall. It won’t come down to a certain number of cases. Choi says it is about the ability to quarantine sick students in separate dorms, keep enough hospital beds available, and trace contacts of virus cases.

“It is a very safe environment, and we have the health professionals to address the issues if they arise.”

Choi says the UM System is planning on another $14 million state funding withhold after the governor announced the latest round of budget cuts this week. The funding is still in place right now for the school’s biggest building project, the NextGen Precision Health Institute.

Mizzou has gotten a mostly positive response to the rule that all students will wear masks in classrooms.

The Wake Up Columbia interview with Dr. Choi:

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