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(AUDIO) St. Louis candidate sues, claims voter fraud

A St. Louis voter fraud case could make an impact all over Missouri. Bruce Franks lost his Democratic state rep primary to Penny Hubbard this month. He won on election day, but Hubbard gained a lot of ground in the absentee ballots. Franks’ attorney David Roland says on Wake Up Columbia the Hubbard family has been gaining ground that way for decades.

“When Bruce first decided he was going to run for office, a lot of people in the know came to him and said ‘man, you’ve got to watch out for those absentee votes,'” Roland said. “They always win on the absentee votes. If we can show what we believe we’ll be able to show, it will really expose this form of fraud and it’ll make it that much more difficult for anyone to get away with it in the future.”

Roland says Saint Louis County officials have told him about possible absentee voter fraud in other races too. Listen to the full Wake Up Columbia chat with Roland here:

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