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939 the Eagle's "CEO Roundtable" is hosted by Fred Parry and airs every Saturday morning from 7-8 (graphic courtesy of Zimmer Communications)

(AUDIO): Toasty Goat Coffee Company founders Danelle Prevette and Josiah Bryan appear on 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Round Table”

939 the Eagle host Fred Parry wants to feature more small businesses on his Saturday morning “CEO Round Table” program. His Christmas Eve guests were Danelle Prevette and Josiah Bryan, two of the four founders of the Toasty Goat Coffee Company on Columbia’s Scott Boulevard. Danelle has a nursing background, while Josiah’s background is in mechanical engineering. They spoke in-detail about starting their business and the importance of location on Columbia’s west side. They also say anyone from any generation will feel comfortable in their coffee shop, from children to parents to college students to residents from a nearby retirement home:

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