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Key August primary election results

Voters say right-to-work is wrong for Missouri.

Proposition A failed by about a two-to-one margin (67 percent voted “No”) in Tuesday’s primary. It would have kept unions from forcing workers to pay union dues at union shops. It’s the first time Missouri voters have used a referendum to overturn a measure approved by the state legislature and the governor since 1982.

The stage is set for a high-profile U.S. Senate race in Missouri. Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill (83 percent) and Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley (59 percent) each easily won their party primaries.

Renee Hoagenson (52 percent) barely survived her Democratic primary race against Hallie Thompson, and will challenge Columbia’s Republican Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler in November.

Saundra McDowell (33 percent) won the four-way race to be Republicans’ choice for state auditor. She’ll face incumbent Democrat Nicole Galloway, a Boone County native who was unopposed in the primary.

Boone County Presiding Commissioner Dan Atwill (63 percent) comfortably won a test by David Seamon in the Democratic primary. He’ll face Republican Matthew Cavanaugh in November.

Columbia’s $43 million water bond was approved by a big margin, with nearly 82 percent of voters saying “yes” to Proposition 1.

Fulton voters agreed to a tax increase to help out the school district. Proposition K got nearly 56 percent support.

Jefferson City voters (58 percent) said no to Proposition L, a new use tax on internet buys. Cole County Prosecutor Mark Richardson and Recorder Ralph Bray lost in the Republican primary, to Locke Thompson and Judy Ridgeway respectively.

Boone County reported a 37 percent voter turnout Tuesday. Cole County turnout was almost 40 percent.

Results from the Missouri Secretary of State (Proposition A, statewide offices like auditor and U.S. Senate, U.S. Representative, state legislature, etc.)

Boone County results

Callaway County results

Cole County results

Other local results

Blog posts from Tuesday night’s coverage:

(11:21 p.m.) It looks like Saundra McDowell will win the Republican nomination for Missouri Auditor. With more than 97 percent of precincts reporting late Tuesday, she’s up more than six percent on her closest challenger. McDowell will apparently face Democratic incumbent Nicole Galloway in November.

(11:15 p.m.) Renee Hoagenson has secured the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Vicky Hartzler for her U.S. Representative seat. Hoagenson got 51.9 percent of the vote in her primary race against Hallie Thompson.

(11:10 p.m.) The unofficial results are in for Boone County. Incumbent Dan Atwill is going to represent Democrats in the presiding commissioner race, after claiming 63 percent of the primary vote. Challenger David Seamon got 37 percent. Columbia’s water bond issue passed with 82 percent support. Renee Hoagensen got more votes than Hallie Thompson among Boone County Democrats in the U.S. Rep primary to challenge Vicky Hartzler, but it’s not clear yet if that will be enough for Hoagensen to secure the nomination.

(10:37 p.m.) We’re still waiting on the remaining precincts from Boone County to check in. It appears Dan Atwill is going to survive a primary challenge to his presiding commissioner seat. Columbia’s water bond issue will almost certainly pass. The race to see which Democrat will challenge for Republican Vicky Hartzler U.S. Representative seat is very close between Hallie Thompson and Renee Hoagenson.

(9:51 p.m.) The Associated Press calls that Proposition A will fail in Missouri. That means right-to-work will fail. It’s the first time Missouri voters have used a referendum to overturn a vote by the state legislature and the governor’s signature since 1982.

(9:24 p.m.) The full unofficial results are in for Callaway County. The Fulton school levy tax increase, Proposition K, has passed with 56 percent support.

(9:13 p.m.) The full unofficial results are in for Cole County. Incumbent prosecutor Mark Richardson and recorder Ralph Bray both lose. 58 percent of voters said “no” to a use tax in Jefferson City. 55 percent said no to Prop A (right-to-work), in a county where 73 percent of people chose a Republican ballot.

(8:46 p.m.) The Associated Press has called the Republican U.S. Senate primary for Attorney General Josh Hawley. He will challenge Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill in November.

(8:40 p.m.) Challengers are doing well in Cole County so far. Here’s an update from our sister station KWOS:

(8:33 p.m.) The Associated Press has called the Missouri Democratic U.S. Senate primary for incumbent Claire McCaskill. Attorney General Josh Hawley has a big early lead on the Republican side.

(7:56 p.m.) It’s *very* early when it comes to getting statewide results, but the no votes on Prop A (right-to-work) have an early lead (60 percent). Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill and Republican Josh Hawley are out to big leads in the U.S. Senate race. Paul Curtman and Saundra McDowell are neck-and-neck to be the Republican nominee for state auditor.

(7:45 p.m.) The first precinct from Callaway County has posted results. The “yes” votes have a 47-vote lead in Fulton’s school bond vote. Both the Boone County absentees and this Callaway precinct were strongly against Prop A.

(7:22 p.m.) Absentee results are posted for Boone County. Dan Atwill has posted an early 245 vote lead to be the Democratic nominee for Boone County presiding commissioner. The “yes” vote is up big in the early tallies for Columbia’s $43 million water bond. The absentee ballots were 65 percent Democratic.

(This story was last updated at 4:43 a.m. Wednesday.)

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