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Boone County clerk reminds voters to bring valid ID; still looking for poll workers in August and November

Boone County’s clerk says about 700 residents cast absentee ballots in her office, including more than 35 on Saturday. Boone County Clerk Brianna Lennon says it’s important to make your voice heard at the polls today.

“Across the county, every voter is impacted by something that’s on the ballot for this election. So it’s really important to make your voice heard in these local elections because it’s all the offices that are making decisions everyday that impact your life,” Lennon says.

Polls in Boone County and across Missouri are open until 7 o’clock tonight.  She believes voter turnout may exceed her 15 percent projection.

Ms. Lennon also reminds voters to bring a valid ID with them to the polls today. That can include a driver’s license, utility bill or bank statement. It must contain your name and current address.

During an interview at the Boone County Government Center downtown, Ms. Lennon also addressed the importance of poll workers. She tells 939 the Eagle that they always need poll workers.

“Even if you can’t work for this election, we have two more elections happening this year (in August and November). So there is never a bad time to sign up to be a poll worker,” says Lennon.

Ms. Lennon says poll workers are paid $165 per day, and new poll workers are also paid for training. She praises their dedication, saying poll workers are serving our democracy.


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