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Boone County Commission approves extra money for outdoor sirens

The Boone County Commission this week approved spending about $14,000 more on outdoor emergency sirens.

Chad Martin, interim director of Boone County Office of Emergency Management, says the budget already called for four new sirens, but now that’s expanded to six.

“We were able to do a lot with a little more, so what would normally have been a much larger expense, with doing this budget amendment we were able to cover more ground and get more sirens in.”

Martin says the three new sirens in Centralia will replace all five of the aging ones in town. Hallsville is getting two new replacements for the two older ones. The siren on Vandiver Drive in north Columbia is also getting replaced.

Martin says construction will take about three months. The 911 tax approved by Boone County voters in 2013 is covering the cost of the work.

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