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Boone County extends health order through May 12

Boone County is extending its current coronavirus health order for another month.

Health director Stephanie Browning announced Tuesday it will now last through May 12. The health order does not put any occupancy limits on businesses, but they have to maintain social distancing rules. The mask mandate also remains in effect. Read more about the current health rules here.

Active coronavirus cases in Boone County have doubled over the last two weeks, and rose again on Wednesday to 111. There were 16 new positives in the county on Wednesday. Hospitalizations fell again, to just eight patients.

Cole County reported two more COVID-19 deaths Tuesday, for a total of 119. The county reported seven new coronavirus cases Wednesday.

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  1. What a bunch of poooo. Rest of the country is opening up…Nevada state removing all orders including social distancing by June….Columbia people are traveling outside the county to eat out….I’m surprised Boone county doesn’t come up with some really stupid idea like hypoallergenic velcro to stick on your mask so you can wear it all the time from now on.
    Nope, no reason to go to columbia any time soon. We do work up there onsite and in homes. The homeowners actually tell us not to wear one while inside with them.
    Get a life Columbia, the new variants are going to be changing every 6 months so are you going to keep kicking the can down the face condom path or are you going to accept viruses are something we have and will continue to live with, maskless.

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