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Boone County positivity rate on virus tests revised down

The positivity rate on coronavirus tests in Boone County is not as bad as once thought.

The local health department said on Tuesady a lab in Boone County has had problems transmitting all its negative results to the state health department. That led Boone County to stop reporting the positivity rate for a couple weeks through its online dashboard.

The errors apparently started May 1, but by far the biggest change came in the week ending Aug. 27.  Boone County had reported a 44.6% positivity rate, but it was actually just 8.9%.

The corrected rate has kept climbing lately though. It was 16.8% in the week ending Sept. 3, and 24.1% in the week ending Sept. 10. The CDC has said test rates of over 5% or 10% are concerning.

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