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A Boone County Sheriff's deputy's vehicle (2021 file photo courtesy of 939 the Eagle)

Boone County Sheriff’s deputies frustrated with double homicide investigation

A Boone County Sheriff’s deputy’s vehicle (2021 file photo courtesy of 939 the Eagle)

Last week’s double homicide at a party just outside of Columbia remains unsolved, and Boone County Sheriff’s deputies are not mincing words when describing their frustration with the investigation.

The Department has posted a message on its Facebook page, saying that those people with information about the double homicide “are providing little to no information.” Two teens, ages 16 and 17, were shot to death during a June 4 early-morning party at a vacant residence on Oakbrook drive. Four other teenagers suffered gunshot wounds but survived.

Deputies say they’re frustrated, because they believe there were dozens of people at the party before and during the shooting itself. Boone County Sheriff’s deputies say their investigators have been working diligently on the case, “with little cooperation.”

Deputies have said that a verbal disturbance broke out during the party “between two opposing groups,” but they have not elaborated on what they mean by two opposing groups. The Boone County Sheriff’s Department encourages anyone with information on the double homicide to call Columbia Crimestoppers at (573) 875-TIPS. You can call that number anonymously.

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