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Boone Hospital prepares for independence in 2021

Boone Hospital is not going alone quite yet.

Trustees decided to push back the transition to independence three months, from Jan. 1 to Apr. 1. Board chairman Jerry Kennett says on Wake Up Columbia the pandemic has slowed things down. One big challenge is to make sure the new information technology system works right.

“If somebody comes to the emergency room on April 5 and they’ve been coming to Boone for years all their records are going to be available for the physicians and staff to see.”

Boone Hospital has been a part of BJC Healthcare for about 32 years. Dr. Kennett says the hope is that patients will only notice a change to the sign outside the hospital.

“I think all the trustees feel very confident that, indeed, we’ve made the right decision, that we are going to be successful.”

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