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The CMSE Giving Gardens offers a variety of plants and flowers (2022 file photo courtesy of CMSE's Bruce Young)

CMSE has been hiring Columbia-area residents with disabilities for more than 50 years

About 100 Columbia-area residents with disabilities work at Central Missouri Subcontracting Enterprises (CMSE).

Their manufacturing and warehouse facility is tucked away on Columbia’s South Bearfield road, and it also includes a retail greenhouse. CMSE executive director Bruce Young describes the employees as dedicated, saying they love to work.

“The self-esteem and dignity of working just means everything to our employees,” Young says.

CMSE has celebrated its 50th anniversary. They do assembly and sub-assembly, pricing and labeling, bagging and packing and other work. They subcontract for more than 15 area employers, including 3M and Shelter Insurance.

The CMSE Giving Gardens offers a variety of plants and flowers (2022 file photo courtesy of CMSE’s Bruce Young)

Mr. Young says the unemployment rate for adults with disabilities is more than 75 percent. He says the employees take pride in their work.

“We think that CMSE provides a great work opportunity and employment opportunity for all of our folks. And it gives them that option if they want to move into competitive employment someday and can develop the skills to do that, we are supportive of that 100 percent,” says Young.

CMSE also builds more than 8,000 replacement kits for stethoscopes each day.

Central Bank of Boone County president Ed Scavone is the president-elect of the board at CMSE. Mr. Scavone is a former Woodhaven board member, and says CMSE employees are hard workers and are family, in a true sense.

“What you find is that these individuals want purpose, they want to contribute to the community. And CMSE allows them to do that,” Scavone says.

CMSE’s air-conditioned facility and greenhouse is located near Grindstone. They also offer four to eight-member mobile crews to assist local businesses as well.

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