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Columbia City Hall (2021 file photo courtesy of city of Columbia)

Columbia city hall security upgrade expected to be approved by city council

Columbia City Hall (2021 file photo courtesy of city of Columbia)

Columbia’s city council is set to vote Monday evening on a proposal aimed at protecting city hall reception desk employees.

City officials say there’s been an increase in safety concerns for those first floor employees. Fifth ward councilman Matt Pitzer tells “Wake Up Mid-Missouri” that he supports the $75,000 project.

“So there is that reception area right where you come into city hall where there’s usually one or two people to kind of greet people and give them directions or show them where to go. But there have been a couple of security incidents over the last couple of months,” Pitzer says.

That desk is near city hall’s front entrance.

“You know those people are kind of out there. There’s nowhere for them to go, there’s nowhere for them to kind of protect themselves if they needed to. So there have been a couple of things that have happened over the last several months, and I don’t know if we’ll get into the details of those (incidents) or not,” says Pitzer.

The proposal would include enclosing the first floor information reception desk area with a door that can lock from the inside, a ballistic glass barrier with a sound speaker and an exit door.

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