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Columbia City Hall (2021 file photo courtesy of city of Columbia)

Columbia council to hear concerns about speeding on Worley, and about sidewalks in Greek Town

Columbia’s city council will hear testimony Monday evening from a resident who’s worried about speeding along Worley.

Lillian Davis will address the council this evening. She tells 939 the Eagle that speeding is a problem along Worley and on nearby Sanford. She notes she recently saw a Jeep rear-end another vehicle and overturn. Ms. Davis is worried about the safety of children, because of the speeding.

The council will also hear from two Mizzou students who want the city to repair sidewalks in Mizzou’s Greek Town. The students will bring photos of what they call accessibility barriers tonight. Those sidewalks include Rollins in Greek Town. Mizzou student Alexis Stockwell will address concerns about the sidewalks, and will show photos of accessibility barriers.

Ms. Stockwell will request a plan of action for the sidewalk repair. She tells 939 the Eagle that she’s concerned about sidewalks near Rollins to Tiger to Kentucky.

Tonight’s meeting begins at 7 at city hall.

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