Columbia City Hall
Columbia City Hall (file photo)

Columbia council votes to ban conversion therapy

The Columbia City Council on Monday night voted to ban the practice of conversion therapy on juveniles.

Mizzou Dr. Aaron Sapp said during the public hearing the discredited technique tries to change someone’s sexual orientation to heterosexual.

“Because of the twin daggers of no evidence in favor of it, and distinct evidence of harm from these efforts, numerous organizations have policies preventing their members from practicing this.”

The ban had unanimous support from the council and everyone who spoke at Monday night’s meeting.

“If Columbia’s going to be a medical destination for the state, I think this council needs to send a strong message, not just to our health care providers but to our families, that we only practice competent care here,” Mayor Brian Treece says.


  1. The Columbia Council just instituted a ban on speech. The First Amendment protects such speech. I hope someone challenges it. The City will pay big bucks if they do get sued.
    Liberals only want the freedom of speech of speech they like. next the Council will ban protests by right to life groups.

  2. The Council’s ban violates the First Amendment. If they get away with it next it will ban pro life demonstartions

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