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Columbia city manager De'Carlon Seewood at city hall downtown (July 28, 2022 file photo from 939 the Eagle's Brian Hauswirth)

Columbia facing broadband issues, city manager says

Columbia city manager De’Carlon Seewood delivers his first state of the city address on June 2, 2022 in the city hall council chamber (file photo courtesy of city of Columbia Facebook page)

Columbia’s city manager says Wi-Fi is a huge issue in Columbia and across mid-Missouri.

De’Carlon Seewood tells 939 the Eagle that a map released by the federal government doesn’t accurately portray Columbia’s internet issues.

“The first grouping of grants that actually looked at WiFi or looked at internet, you know when you look at the quote-unquote map that was done by the feds, it actually shows our area being no good and that there are no issues,” Seewood says.

Mr. Seewood tells 939 the Eagle that much of the recent broadband money went to rural areas, adding that Columbia is not considered rural. Boone County northern district commissioner Janet Thompson says she has to drive to Centralia’s McDonalds to do zoom calls.

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