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The Columbia/Boone County Health Department is located on West Worley (2021 file photo courtesy of the health department's Sara Humm)

Columbia health officials: overall risk to public for monkeypox remains low

The Columbia/Boone County Health Department on West Worley (2021 file photo is courtesy of the health department’s Sara Humm)

Columbia health officials have announced the first monkeypox case in Boone County.

Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services (PHHS) says a Boone County resident has tested positive, and that PHHS is working with the person to identify any close contacts and offer them education and vaccination.

The department says the overall risk to the public remains low, as monkeypox doesn’t spread as easily as other viruses.  They say it can be spread from person-to-person through direct contact with an infectious rash, scabs or body fluids. Columbia health officials say it can also be spread during prolonged face-to-face contact or during intimate physical contact.

The department says symptoms can include fever, headache and chills.

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