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Fabian Goldman
Fabian Goldman

Columbia homeowner shoots two burglary suspects, killing one

Columbia police have revealed the names of the two burglary suspects shot at by a homeowner Wednesday night.

Investigators say the burglary attempt happened on Bentpath Drive off West Old Plank Road.

Police say the person who lives there shot at the suspects in self-defense. One of them, Darion Logan, died at the scene. He was 27. Fabian Goldman was also shot, and treated at the hospital. The homeowner was not hurt.

Goldman has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly committing a felony that caused the death of another. He’s also facing a first-degree burglary charge.

(This story was last updated at 6:00 a.m. Friday.)


  1. Allington Jollly

    GREAT to know folks are NOT afraid to defend their property. Everyone who owns property in this city should learn from this example and follow their protocol! Violence rarely begets positive results, but in this kind of scenario I highly advise it.

  2. Missouri Castle Doctrine

    Missouri recognizes the “castle doctrine” and allows residents to use deadly force against intruders based on the notion that your home is “your castle.” This legal doctrine assumes that if an invader disrupts the sanctity of your home, they intend to do you harm and therefore you should be able to protect yourself or others against an attack.

    Missouri’s law is more extensive than those of other states because it allows you to use deadly force to attack an intruder to protect any private property that you own, in addition to yourself or another individual. This means that if someone illegally enters your front porch or backyard, you can use deadly force against them without retreating first

    Justified Use of Force

    Physical force:

    May be used when individuals believe that the physical force used is necessary for the defense of themselves (or others) from an attack of unlawful force from another person.
    May be used when individuals believe that the force is reasonably necessary to prevent another person from committing stealing, property damage, or tampering.
    Deadly force:

    Reasonable believe that the force is necessary for self-defense or defense of others (including unborn children) to prevent death, serious physical injury, or a forcible felony.
    The force is used against a person who unlawfully enters a dwelling, residence or vehicle.
    No Duty to Retreat

    A person has no duty to retreat:

    From their dwelling, residence, or vehicle;
    From their private property;
    If the person is any other location where they have the right to be.

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