Columbia man admits to trying to buy deadly chemicals

A Columbia man pleads guilty to trying to buy on the dark web a chemical weapon that could have killed hundreds of people.

Jason Siesser admitted in federal court on Tuesday to attempting to acquire a chemical weapon, and identity theft.

Siesser was arrested during a raid on Columbia’s Southhampton Drive in 2018. Authorities say they found threatening letters written to women after bad breakups.

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  1. Just to let yall know, That “juvenile” was me (I’m now 18).
    The F.B.I. interviewed me the same day it went down. I told them everything, Dates, Sites, Income, Literally everything that pertained to him and his “Plot”

    He also has a book titled “Mystery Monster 13: An Anthology”.

    Plus he wrote numerous “Short Stories”, From macing a yard, to making a girl a patsy.

    He also had several SD Cards with chemicals on them (The FBI let me keep one of them.)

    My Email is

    (Look me up on everything. (Lil Cam 5 1)).

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