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26-year-old Xavier Blake Gee has been convicted of seven felony counts (2022 photo courtesy of the Boone County Sheriff's Department website)

Columbia man faces potential life sentence for sexually assaulting two women

26-year-old Xavier Blake Gee has been convicted of seven felony counts (2022 photo courtesy of the Boone County Sheriff’s Department website)

A Columbia man is facing a lengthy prison sentence after being convicted on all seven counts involving the robbery and sexual assaults of two sex workers in separate incidents. The incidents happened in December 2020 and January 2021.

A Boone County jury deliberated for two hours-and-15 minutes on Wednesday before returning guilty verdicts against 26-year-old Xavier Gee, including kidnapping, rape and sodomy. 939 the Eagle News was in the courtroom for all three days of the trial, including during Wednesday’s penalty phase. One of the victims took the witness stand and turned her chair toward Gee and looked straight at him as she spoke.

“You took my life away from me. I hope you beg for your life the way you made me beg for mine,” the woman testified. Gee looked down at a table as she spoke.

Gee also took the stand during the penalty phase, telling Boone County Circuit Judge Jeff Harris and the jury that he is remorseful. He apologized and blamed his actions on his drug use. He testified that he held jobs at the Fieldhouse, Flat Branch Pub and Brewing and at the Columbia Boys and Girls Club before the pandemic. But he says he began using drugs during the pandemic and blamed drugs for what happened, saying he’s not that person anymore.

Boone County assistant prosecutor Nick Komoroski spoke to the jury after that, saying Gee’s comments weren’t an apology and describing Gee as manipulative. Prosecutor Komoroski says Gee’s actions were egregious, saying both victims thought they would be murdered. One was placed in a trunk after being kidnapped.

Gee wore a black dress shirt and dark pants in court on Wednesday. He testified that he attended Ladue high school near St. Louis and went to Mizzou to study broadcast journalism. He had hoped to be on television one day. He had no family in the courtroom. His girlfriend, a Columbia nurse, was in the courtroom and testified during the penalty phase. She asked the jury for mercy.

Judge Harris will sentence Gee later this fall.

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