Columbia Public Schools students return to in-person learning Jan. 19

Columbia Public Schools students will return to in-person learning on Jan. 19. The board of education voted to affirm its return plan during Monday night’s meeting.

Elementary students learned in-person for roughly three weeks in the fall, before the board voted in November to make all age groups learn online only again because of coronavirus concerns. Middle schoolers and high schoolers have been learning almost completely virtually since March.

Younger CPS students, up to fifth grade, will learn in-person four days a week, leaving Wednesdays open to clean district buildings. Students in sixth grade and up will use a hybrid model, learning in-seat two days a week.

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  1. Go figure they said we could not open public schools up until the covid-19 rate drop below 50 / 10000 but now we’re at 71 / 10,000 Columbia Public Schools are going to open I wonder what made him change their mind is it may be Donald Trump’s not in office? This is why the liberal press and the Democrats has zero respect from the public

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