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A city of Columbia official trash bag in 2022 (2022 file photo courtesy of Columbia Solid Waste Utility spokesman Brandon Renaud)

Columbia trash survey to be discussed tonight; most surveyers back roll carts

A Columbia trash truck prepares to collect trash across the city (2022 file photo courtesy of Columbia Water and Light’s Matt Nestor)

Columbia’s city council says a survey completed by about 900 residents finds that trash remains a polarizing issue in the city.

892 Columbia residents took the survey, and most of them filled it out online. While more than two-thirds of respondents are open to the idea of changing from bags to bins, opponents argue roll carts are awkward, clumsy and roll away.

The council will discuss results of the 23-page survey report at tonight’s (Tuesday) work session. The survey notes there’s a lot of passion on both sides of the issue.

Supporters say roll carts are cleaner, and that trash is less likely to blow around. Other supporters say it improves safety for sanitation workers. Opponents tend to be elderly, according to the survey’s findings. One 89-year-old who responded say their driveway goes uphill, and they wouldn’t be ale to get a cart to the curb. Other opponents describe roll carts as an eyesore, saying they’ll be left out all week in some cases.

The survey also says that if the move to roll carts is approved, “education of residents should be conducted to help reduce fears and concerns about the change.”

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