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A city-issued Columbia trash bag includes the city logo (2022 file photo courtesy of City of Columbia Utilities spokesman Matt Nestor)

Columbia’s city council gives green light to I-70 and Highway 63 beautification project

A Columbia trash truck prepares to collect trash across the city (2022 file photo courtesy of Columbia Water and Light’s Matt Nestor)

Columbia’s city council has approved a two-page resolution expressing its support for the city contributing about $1.5 million to the I-70 and Highway 63 interchange beautification project, once the project is finished.

The council approved the resolution at Monday night’s meeting.

The state Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has unveiled a $140-million preferred alternative for I-70 and Highway 63, which would include two key flyovers. MoDOT will contribute some money for beautification, but money from the city is needed. The Columbia Chamber of Commerce has made beautification of that interchange a top priority. MoDOT says about 160,000 vehicles go through the interchange daily, making it mid-Missouri’s busiest interchange. There have been complaints for years about trash and litter in that area. Columbia’s city council packet says the $1.5 million would be taken from the city’s investment income capital project account.

The council also voted last night to approve an ordinance to purchase 36,000 roll carts for residential curbside customers. The council voted Monday evening to approve the ordinance that appropriates $995,000 from the city’s solid waste vehicle equipment replacement fund to purchase the roll carts for residential curbside customers.

Columbia’s city council voted unanimously in March to approve the roll cart trash collection system, which will begin on March 4, 2024.

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