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Columbia City Hall
Columbia city hall (2021 file photo courtesy of city spokeswoman Sydney Olsen)

Columbia’s city council members are discussing priorities and communication at their Independence retreat

Columbia’s seven city council members, city manager De’Carlon Seewood and department directors are heading to Independence this morning for a two-day council retreat at the Stoney Creek hotel.

Independence is a Kansas City suburb, a town of about 122,000 residents.

They car-pooled early this morning and are currently having breakfast at the hotel, before starting the retreat at 10 am. Topics will include trends, communication and governing together. City spokeswoman Sydney Olsen tells 939 the Eagle that they’ll discuss alignment and priorities tomorrow, including moving in the same direction.

City clerk Sheila Amin and Ms. Olsen are also attending the retreat, which will end at midday tomorrow.

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