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A Columbia solid waste employee prepares to pick up trash (2022 file photo courtesy of Matt Nestor with the city)

Columbia’s city council to vote on roll cart issue at May 16th meeting

A Columbia trash truck prepares to pick up trash in 2021 (file photo courtesy of Columbia Utilities spokesman Matt Nestor)

Columbia’s city council will vote at their next meeting on a bill to repeal the city’s ban on roll carts for solid waste and recycling.

Fifth ward councilman Matt Pitzer’s proposal was first-read Monday night. Pitzer and other supporters say roll carts should be considered as an option. They also believe the current trash bag system is causing high workers compensation costs, due to injuries.

There are critics of roll carts in Columbia, including some senior citizens. They say it will cost $12.5 million to replace or retrofit Columbia’s fleet of trash trucks. They also say roll carts are difficult for seniors and the disabled to push to the curb. Other critics say snakes, rats and squirrels will get into the roll carts.

The city council voted unanimously in April to place the roll cart issue on the August citywide ballot. If council approves the Pitzer bill in two weeks, the August election would no longer be required.

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