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Columbia's Hickman high school was built in 1927 (file photo courtesy of the CPS website)

Columbia’s newest school board members begin their terms

Columbia’s Hickman high school was built in 1927 (photo courtesy of the CPS website)

Columbia’s three newly-elected school board members have been sworn-in.

April Ferrao, Paul Harper and John Lyman were sworn-in during Monday evening’s board reorganization meeting. The three challengers were all backed by Columbia’s local NEA teachers union. Three outgoing Columbia Public Schools (CPS) board members were also recognized by CPS superintendent Dr. Brian Yearwood. They are David Seamon, Christopher Horn and Helen Wade.

Meantime, Columbia’s school board has voted to approve salary schedules for the 2023-24 school year. The plan from CPS superintendent Dr. Brian Yearwood and the administration increases base compensation by 2.6 percent across all employee groups. CPS’ 14-page presentation says the average CPS teacher earns $58,800, while the average principal earns $101,780. The average classroom aide earns $21,945.

Under the plan that’s been approved, the district will continue to pay 100 percent of the cost of medical, dental and life insurance for full-time employees.

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