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A Columbia solid waste employee prepares to pick up trash (2022 file photo courtesy of Matt Nestor with the city)

Columbia’s roll cart system a step closer to starting

A Columbia trash truck prepares to collect trash across the city (2022 file photo courtesy of Columbia Water and Light’s Matt Nestor)

Columbia solid waste residential curbside customers will be receiving a postcard in the mail next week, regarding the roll cart selection process.

Columbia’s city council voted unanimously in March to approve a roll cart trash collection system, which will begin in March 2024.

Your postcard will include a unique verification code, which you can use to make your cart selection. You can do so online or by calling the city at (573) 874-CITY. Columbia officials say roll carts improve safety for sanitation workers and increase efficiency as well.. There will be no charge for your roll cart itself. You’ll be choosing between a 35-gallon, 65-gallon or 95-gallon cart. The 35-gallon cart will cost $12.87 per month, while a 65-gallon cart will be $17.37 a month. The 95-gallon cart will cost $22.50 per month.

You will have until Halloween to make your selection.

City manager De’Carlon Seewood says roll carts improve safety for sanitation employees and also boost efficiency. Mr. Seewood told the council this spring that the purchase of the roll carts and the lease of the new trash vehicles would cost the city about $3-million, money the city had in its budget.

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