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Downtown Columbia business owners say the Wabash bus station is not an acceptable place for long-term camping and sheltering (August 31, 2021 file photo courtesy of Columbia's Sydney Olsen)

Columbia’s Wabash station could be used as warming station again this winter

The Wabash Station in downtown Columbia (August 31, 2021 file photo courtesy of Columbia spokeswoman Sydney Olsen)

Staff members are recommending that Columbia’s city council consider approving using the Wabash Station lobby as a warming station again this winter.

The council will hear a report on the issue at Monday night’s meeting, which begins at 7.

The Wabash Station, which is located downtown, was used as a warming station for nine nights during this past 2020-2021 year. Nighttime temperatures during those nine nights were forecast to be below nine degrees. The staff report says the station provided warming to those without proper shelter from 8 pm to 6 am, during those nine nights.

Airport security personnel monitored the lobby area at night, and city custodians cleaned the area each day, according to the report.

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