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Fred Parry
Fred Parry

(AUDIO) Commissioner Parry not invited to Boone Commission meeting on lawsuit

Boone County’s two Democratic commissioners did not let the Republican commissioner know about a meeting scheduled to discuss a lawsuit filed against the county.

That meeting scheduled for Wednesday morning was canceled because it did not meet Sunshine Law requirements.

Presiding Commissioner Dan Atwill and fellow Democrat Janet Thompson said they have information that Republican Fred Parry is helping the group of Boone County business leaders challenging the local economic restrictions because of coronavirus concerns. One of those business leaders, Paul Prevo, has filed a lawsuit calling for a temporary restraining order pausing Boone County Health Director Stephanie Browning’s guidelines.

Parry denies that he is helping with the lawsuit. He says he just wants local officials to meet with the business leaders behind the letter and hear their concerns.

“This is an issue where I strongly disagree with the way that it’s been handled, and for that I’ve been ostracized,” Parry said on Wake Up Columbia on Thursday.

“My personal opinion is that the lawsuit could have been avoided had public officials sat down and met with business owners to explain why this order has been extended indefinitely, and to explain their rationale. But they refused to do that, and so now they’re being sued.”

Parry is the founder of Inside Columbia magazine, which is now owned by Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group.

Listen to the full Wake Up Columbia interview with Parry:

(This story was last updated at 8:49 a.m. Thursday.)

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  1. With the low corona-virus cases the businesses should be allowed to open up, We are all adults and know how to be safe and take precautions. Everybody knows the chance is still there, but people need to take care of their families. They have NO right to tell anybody to close their doors and shut-up. Do as I say not as I do is getting old real fast. Not everybody can afford to stay home any longer. Politicians need to get a grip and realize we have rights and we are tired of them taking them away. If you want to stay home stay home that choice is for each person to decide, not politicians. Most people are tired of this hoax. Deaths from Covid-19 is inflated so the hospitals get more money from the government. THAT is something that should get more air time. Maybe you should talk about that.

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