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From left: Columbia Mayor Brian Treece, Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin, United Airlines' Andrew Bell, Columbia City Manager Mike Matthes (United slights announcement, Feb. 2017)

Como flights to Denver not meeting revenue expectations

Seems like Columbians aren’t coughing up the cash to fly direct to Denver.

The Columbia Tribune reports that United Airlines has almost used up the money in the revenue guarantee since it began running flights in August.

The city, Boone County, Jefferson City, the University of Missouri, and even local businesses  contributed to the fund, which guaranteed United Airlines up to $600,000 in its first year if revenue was short.

County and city leaders said the investment was still worth it but United would not say what would happen if people didn’t start heading west soon.

For reference, the city only had to pay out $22,652 from a two-year, $3 million fund for American Airlines in 2013. The rest of the money was given back to those who put up the money.

The city also promised $250,000 in marketing the Denver flights.

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