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Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Missouri surpass 1,800

Statewide confirmed cases of COVID-19 take another big leap.

Missouri officials say the number is up to 1,834 as of Thursday, rising by more than 250 from Wednesday’s count. There have been 19 deaths so far.

Three more confirmed positives in Boone County brings its count up to 69. Of those cases, 30 have recovered and one has died.

One more positive case apiece for Cole and Callaway Counties. Cole now has 26 and Callaway has 18. Both counties have seen six recoveries.

Randolph County health officials said Thursday four members of the same family now have COVID-19. Six people in the county tested positive overall.

At Thursday’s press briefing, Governor Mike Parson reiterated that he is not ready to issue a statewide stay-at-home order. However, he said he will review the situation once a current social distancing order expires. The governor issued that order on March 23 and will expire on Monday.

(This story was last updated at 5:49 a.m. Friday.)


  1. The governor should issue a stay at home order. Stay at home and quarantine MASKS AT MANDATORY AND YET, THERE IS A SHORTAGE TO THE PPE. HELP. The production of the masks is not meeting the medical needs.
    Second, the state government is planning to use the buildings on the MU Campus. I practice pharmacy for 39 years and helped to start up hospitals for about 10 years and one phrase ws always heard. ” HOSPITALS MAKE POOR HOLIDAY INNS WITHOUT STAFF”. wHERE ARE THE DOCTORS AND NURSES AND THE ANCILLARY STAFF COMING FROM?? Healthcare workers don’t just come out of the woodwork. They have to be trained and have experience and all the technicians does just bloom. Having a building does not make a hospital make. Think it over Governor. We can’t have hospitals without staff to care for the victims of this pandemic.. Hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, and Z-Packs will kill the virus but we have to have staff to dispense and administer and also evaluate the results. There are just not enough health care workers that are trained, qualified, and capable, and willing to risk their lives when the pandemic gets bad enough to just to have all these extra beds and not enough medical staff to staff these facilities. Like I said a hospital without staff is a poor HOLIDAY INN. What the hell are you thinking?

  2. Allington R Jolly

    Common sense will help ease the impact of this current virus JUST a much as all the healt affilated aspects mentioned by the second in virtually every news medium througout the word regarding this current virus pandemic. Millions more- stress that word vehemently- people DIE each year, suffer tremendously as well, from cancer, TB, Malaria, Ebola; this list goes on and on. Diseases that have and will continue to plaugue humans. I feel as though the media is direcctly responsible for creating an atmosphere of FEAR throughout this country, the planet. We DO NOT NEED constant reminders of the growing numbers of infected and deceased individuals. We need news that is positive, constructive, that deals with multiple subject areas that are just as important as this one. Using common sense practices NEEDS to be reinforced by the media, not fear mongering stories. Age old instructions given to every child; cover your mouth, stay away from people who are sick. stay at home if you are sick, wash your hands frequently, don’t go to work sick. No need for this constant barrage of negativity, it only enhances an already outlandish sense of FEAR in this country. Of course, the personnel employed by ALL media sources.. don’t have to worry about their jobs, families, income, food, housing, etc!! Calm down folks, use your brain, this too shall pass!

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