CPS considers limiting in-person classes

Columbia Public Schools may limit in-person classes.

Supt. Peter Stiepleman says the number of coronavirus cases in Boone County has gone up since the district decided to offer the in-person option in June.

“We made the decision based on the low number of positive cases in our community at the time. The numbers were really promising then. But, according to Boone County, that has changed,” Stiepleman said during Tuesday’s special board of education meeting.

The CPS board will vote Monday night on a proposed hybrid model, with a couple days a week in-person and other days online.

“We’re at a place where the hybrid does sort of look good to us because all five days a week in school seems risky right now but maybe we’re not at a place where it’s all online,” Columbia/Boone County health director Stephanie Browning said Tuesday.

Dr. Stiepleman suggested using the Minnesota model to determine whether classes can be safely held in person. He says about 20% of CPS families have already chosen for their kids to learn online in the coming semester.

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