Columbia's Smithton Middle School (2021 photo courtesy of CPS' Michelle Baumstark)

CPS responds to lawsuit from Missouri’s attorney general over mask requirement

Columbia’s Smithton Middle School (2021 photo courtesy of CPS’ Michelle Baumstark)

Missouri’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit against 36 school districts across the state for mask mandates, including Columbia Public Schools (CPS) and Jefferson City Public Schools (JCPS).

Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed the lawsuits on Friday afternoon, saying mask mandates don’t work and are illegal. He says parents and families should have the power to decide what’s best for their children. Attorney General Schmitt also says mask mandates have negative psychological impacts on children.

CPS has released a statement, which says it will “aggressively defend its decision to do everything possible to keep its scholars and staff safe and its schools open.” CPS also says that public school districts have the inherent ability under state law to implement mitigation strategies to keep schools safe and open during a global pandemic.

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