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The exterior of south Columbia's John Warner Middle School, which is CPS' 7th middle school (2021 file photo courtesy of CPS' Michelle Baumstark)

CPS to outline security improvements at buildings in past four years

The exterior of the John Warner Middle School, which is CPS’ 7th middle school in Columbia. (2021 file photo courtesy of CPS’ Michelle Baumstark)

Columbia’s school board will hear a detailed presentation Monday evening about safety and security upgrades at CPS since 2018.

Only CPS’ community outreach unit had fobs to buildings in 2018: today, CPS says all Columbia Police officers have fob access to all buildings, including hard keys.

The board will also hear details about building access improvements in the past four years. All new construction projects include a safety design, and CPS says an architect is evaluating the remaining buildings.

The board will also be briefed on CPS’ annual training and drills, along with the district’s safety and security improvements since 2018.

CPS says all staff participate in training and drills every year, which is now required by law. The late John Warner started that at CPS, before the state law took effect.

CPS also hosts multi-jurisdictional training, and they participate in fire, earthquake and severe weather drills.

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